Dry Shampoo: Which is best?

Here is my modest collection of dry shampoos...can you already tell my favorite?
Here is my modest collection of dry shampoos…can you already tell my favorite?

I think we can all agree that dry shampoo is a gift from the hair gods. But while good in theory, a great dry shampoo is hard to come by. So many companies have jumped on the dry shampoo band wagon that it can be a little daunting choosing one that is right for you. Hopefully my experiences with several brands will make shopping a little easier! I will give each brand an overall grade and then a score out of 10 for how “clean” it leaves my hair (10 = fresh out of the shower).  Enjoy!


I really like this one. It sprays on white and blends fairly easily into hair for an undetectable finish. The scent is clean and fresh but is unexciting. Although not my favorite, this is a close runner up and worth a try for the awesome price!

Grade: B+

Clean score: 8/10

The Dove version of dry shampoo is the most expensive I have tried and was just…meh. It applies very white and powdery and I have found it fairly difficult to blend into my hair. The smell is reminiscent of baby powder; a plus for some, but not for me.  It does a fairly good job of soaking up oil, but with the steeper price I expected to be WOWed.


Grade: B-

Clean score: 7/10

Hate is a strong word…but I really didn’t like this shampoo. It lives up to its claim of applying clear but then it didn’t give me quite the “fresh start” I was looking for. It managed to cake around my roots and had the texture of hair spray. After some struggles I was able to brush the mess out of my hair. Unfortunately after the ordeal, my hair was left feeling just as greasy (if not greasier) than before.


Grade: D-

Clean score: 2/10


Now…if you had trouble guessing my favorite dry shampoo from the group photo, you know now! Batiste is what the hair gods intended when they created dry shampoo; it is powdery, does an excellent job of absorbing oil, and disappears when brushed into hair. PLUS if you aren’t a fan of baby powder scents, Batiste has tons to choose from. My personal favorites are the scents in the paisley and cheetah print bottles. Both are fairly perfume-y and make my hair smell great! My only complaint is that the Hint of Color for Blondes is very yellow. If you’re a cool toned blonde, this might not work for you. However, I have heard great things about the Hint of Color for dark brunettes! Overall, Batiste Dry Shampoo really gets it done at a great price. I always have luck finding Batiste at Ulta and occasionally can find it at CVS or Walgreens.

Grade: A

Clean Score: 9/10

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