Oily mess: the skincare that has been working for me.

Let’s just say the BP fiasco looks tame compared to the glisten-y goodness of my face. Oily skin runs in my family; I have countless memories of my mom powdering her nose. Throughout my teenage years I tried to combat the issue with makeup alone (bad idea). This led to too many days of cake-face to count…I am shuddering at the thought. Recently I have grown a little older and wiser by incorporating quality skincare into my routine. I am still an oily gal but with the help of these products I can trick people into thinking I’m “dewy”. 😉

  • Cleanser

There is a common misconception that oily skinned folks should use a harsh cleanser to strip the face of oils. I fell victim to this school of thought for years. Then, last year I picked up a small size of the Ole Henriksen African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser and fell in love. The smooth, velvety texture left my face feeling wonderfully clean without the usual dryness. If you aren’t willing to dish out $30 for a cleanser, I also highly recommend the Foaming Facial Cleanser by CeraVe. This product yields similar results for less than half the price.

Ole Henriksen - African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser
Courtesy of Sephora.com
  • Exfoliation
Courtesy of Sephora.com

As far as exfoliation goes, chemical is key. Physical exfoliation can be extremely harsh on skin and can exacerbate the oil problem. Chemical exfoliation is not only gentler on the skin, but it is much more effective. People use many different acids depending on preference. A little research will help you choose an acid that suits your skin-type and desired results. My favorite is the Peter Thomas Roth AHA/BHA Acne Clearing Gel. The combination of alpha and beta hydroxy acids (AHA/BHA) leaves my skin feeling smooth and breakout free.

  • Moisturizer
Clarins - Lotus Face Treatment Oil
Courtesy of Sephora.com

Moisturizing is my absolute favorite step in my skincare routine. After cleansing and exfoliating my skin feels parched and in desperate need of hydration.

Do not believe that oily skin does not need moisturizing! Every person’s face benefits greatly from hydration and keeping it adequately moisturized may reduce oil production.

I highly recommend using an oil rather than a traditional cream moisturizer. Seems counter-intuitive, but oils are super effective and haven’t noticeably contributed to my oiliness. My all time favorites are the Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil and Josie Maran Argan Oil (argan oil is available in tons of places at much more affordable prices than Josie Maran).

I hope this article introduces you to some awesome products for oily skin. What skin-type do you have, and what are your favorite products? Please comment below!

Also let me know if you would be interested in hearing about makeup products I love that help keep oil at bay!

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