Mule Day in Calvary, GA.


Today I was lucky enough to be invited to Mule Day. This festival turns the tiny town of Calvary, Georgia into a bustling metropolis for the day. Mule Day was initially established to celebrate the long history of mules in agriculture. For centuries they have played an integral role in farming and cane syrup production. Today, the event focuses heavily on this history but has grown into an impressive craft festival as well.

Mule Museum!
Mule Museum!

Where do mules come from? Well, the mating of a horse and a donkey results in the hard-working, easily trainable, endlessly cute mule. Because horses and donkeys are different species, their offspring are hybrids and are sterile. Therefore, every mule at Mule Day (and all over the world) are the product of a horse/donkey romance!

The highlight of the day was an awesome parade of mules, horses, tractors, and antique cars. People flock from all over the state for the opportunity to show off their beautiful animals. Although the main event, there is tons more to experience at Mule Day.

In all their glory.
In all their glory.

When we first arrived I was greeting with an awesome view of the extensive spread of tents. Vendors from throughout the Southeast were selling everything from food to handmade crafts. The frigid temperatures inspired me to purchase this adorable koala knit hat:

Will I ever need another hat?
Will I ever need another hat?

My favorite find of the day was a mother-daughter run goat milk soap company. I purchased a divine smelling gardenia body butter and several small hand soaps for my boyfriend. I plan on doing a full review and a recommendation if I end up loving them (so far so good)! The owner and her daughters were so incredibly polite and accommodating. Never underestimate the power of good customer service! 🙂

We ended our day around noon, right in time for a huge influx in the crowd. According to their website, Mule Day attracts 60-90,000 people a year. Let’s just say it started getting a little claustrophobic. 😉 If you plan on attending next year, I recommend getting there early.


On our way out we carved out a little extra time for some fried Oreos and fresh squeezed lemonade. A sweet end to a sweeter day!

Please, mark your calendars for next year! The event is always held on the first Saturday of November and grows every year. If crafts aren’t your thing, at least go to support the under-appreciated mule! They deserve it.

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