Makeup solutions for oily skin!

Previously, I posted about the skincare that has helped rein in my excessively oily skin. Today I would like to share with you the makeup items that keep me semi-matte throughout the day. I have given up the dream of shine-free skin; at this point I am thrilled with just a little oiliness on the nose. Hopefully some of these products will help you!

  • Primer:

I can not emphasize enough just how important primer is to keeping oil at bay. After years of serial dating, I am finally in a committed, monogamous relationship with  Becca Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector. Although I can’t attest to its “poreless” claims, this is hands down the best mattifying primer I have ever tried. If you are at your wits end with your skin, I promise you that shelling out the relatively steep $36 is so worth it. The tiniest amount leaves my shiniest areas matte for 6-8 hours (a record for me).


After the Becca primer, I like to use a pea sized amount of alcohol-free aloe gel all over my face. I find that this smooths my skin texture, adds a little moisture, and may even contribute to oil control. Aloe gel is available in any drugstore near the sunscreen. This step is entirely optional, but once I tried it I couldn’t go back. 🙂

  • Foundation

As far as foundation goes, I have extremely varying tastes in finish. I find that a lot of “matte” foundations patch oddly on my face. Usually I look for a thin, buildable formula in either a natural or illuminating finish. In no particular order, I am currently loving:


  1. Lancome Nude Miracle: this formula is very light-weight and easy to apply with fingers. Some are turned off by the alcohol-y smell but it doesn’t bother me.
  2. L’Oreal True Match Lumi: I know, you’re probably cringing at the thought of a illuminating foundation on oily skin. The formula applies so beautifully that I work around the shine with setting powder.
  3. Givenchy Eclat Matissme: This used to be my absolute favorite formula; it is smooth, creamy, and deliciously scented. Unfortunately it started oxidizing to a shade I can only describe as Cheeto Orange. 😉 I highly recommend getting a sample from Sephora, though!
  4. If I had to choose a holy grail foundation, it would be Dior Star. I didn’t want to love this foundation due to the hefty price (and my already fairly high-end collection) but it is just beautiful. I don’t want to speak prematurely but I think this formula outperforms anything I have used before.
  • Setting Powder


You all need to jump in the car right now and head to the nearest drugstore, Walmart, or Target and purchase Coty Airspun Powder. It is a must have in every makeup lover’s life. Some are off-put by the fresh scent, but I have come to enjoy it. The powder is so finely milled and it sets foundation flawlessly!

Please comment below and tell me your experiences with these products or any other oily skin savers!

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